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I see a couple of Wharram plans for sale.
How do second - hand plan sales work? 
If the boat has not been built, does the license to build transfer to the new owner of the plans ( if the plans are not purchased directly from James)?  (Is the license to build transferable?)
Does the second owner have any benefits of designer consultations?
What disadvantages exist to buying plans second-hand?
Thank you!
Scott & Carole

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Only one boat can be built from each set of plans.   Sometimes folks will buy plans, but then their lives take a different direction and they sell their plans and finally the boat gets built.  That's ok so long as only one boat gets built from each set of plans.

What disadvantages exist to buying plans second-hand? You don't really know if that boat are build. you need to trust the word of the seller. 


Example: I have one old Tiki 21 plans #387 , anybody knows any boat with this numeral? I buy 2 hand plans. old blue sheet draws

Well, if anybody is wondering if the Tiki 46 plans currently for sale on this web site by Bob Bois are ligit, I can say that we did sell those plans to Bob a few years ago (we are agents for Wharrams).  He did not build that Tiki 46, so it is entirely appropriate for him to offer the plans on this web site for sale now. 

Nev and I are in the habit of visiting folks who buy plans from us if they are building along the US east coast and can come fetch us from where we anchor as we migrate with the seasons between Rhode Island and Bahamas.  We do get a commission on the sale of plans, but we are not so stingey as to refuse to help or visit a builder who needs help.  Heck, after building one of these boats, we are always eager to see and visit and help the next guy.  That is why this site is so wonderful - we all get to meet and help each other. 

The main idea is that Wharrams should get the income from their designs and that will encourage them to make more designs for all of us to enjoy in the future.  Nev and I like to get our commissions from the sale of plans too, but we already got our commission when Bob bought those plans from us.  Now it is time for the boat to be built.

Ann and Nev

This is very reassuring, since Carole and & I just purchased the plans from Bob today. Yea!! :) Ann and Neville, when you do your annual migration to the Bahamas, please contact us here in Florida!

Yes - I can confirm that these plans (from which NO boat has been built yet) were sold today.

Thanks Scott and Thanks Ann and Nev for verifying for the group.

Best of luck to all!

Confidence in the words of a man is something that we should cultivate. Only then can the honor and honesty thrive.

I have interest in a  second hand plan tiki26  or tiki30  someone have it? please  send me a  e mail. femonlevade@yahoo.com.br

Hi my name is Dean Pacetti and I read this site everyday. I have Tiki 26 plan set #419 which I would like to sell. Still in original binder from Wharram Designs and no boat has been built from these plans. Email address is gpacetti@yahoo.com. I am building a cat of a different design so I offer these plans for sale.

Hey Dean and Fernando did you two ever hook up?

Hello Scott,  No we never did complete the sale of my plans for the Tiki 26, which I still have and are still for sale.


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