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I see the Pahi 52 and 63 is designed with a schooner rig.

I was wondering if this could be transferred proportionally to suit a Pahi 31? 

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Hanneke mentioned a modified sail plan for the Pahi 31, when we were discussing stretching one to 35 feet. The impression I received was it would be a variation of the Tiki 31 rig. I'll nail down the design details this summer, while sailing with her on Gaia.



Thank you that will be great.

Why not? They told me a Pahi 42 can not take a schooner rig, realy, why not?

I built a Pahi 42 in Cape Town and put a schooner rig on. I extended my masts by a meter to 13 meters so I could have headroom. I built two boxws slung between bean 2 and 3 and beam 3 and 4 for living space. I sailed it back to Nosy Be, Madagascar and im happy with it.

I am looking for an Asymetrical spinnaker to improve sailing.

Most things are possible to change on a Wharram.

Good luck


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