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Rot in aft beam or build "Quality" of professional and Wharram approved builder Andy Smith

Today, much to my horror I discovered that the ply webbing of my Tiki 38´s aft beam was rotten round the hole  for beam locating pin. I could trace it back to water ingress around the insert/bushing of the beam locating beam which has not properly been embedded in epoxy. Normally this is part which should not give any word and should last forever. All which hinted my to it was a small crack in the wood around the starboard pin.

This is not only a shame for a professional builder (anybody beware if he wants to have aboat boat built by Andy Smith, the Wharram approval does not seem to help anything) but also a pain to repair.  Pretty much the one side of the beam has to be cut open and the "infected" ply webbing has to be cut out. On the port hole this has been 50 cm either side of the pin, I will then scarf new webbing and wood in. On the starboard side the plywood is only wet, has anybody got experience letting the plywood dry in situ after I have drilled a few holes in it and uncovered about 20 cm2? 

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just e-mail them to me mark@geminidawn.com

What makes everyone so sure that it is ROT in the beams (plywood don´t rot that  quickly) to me the bloke is chiseling the Wood away as I see it, good Wood, there may have been ingress of Water that makes the Wood swell a bit,that have to be dryed out and reglassed as explaned elswere in here.

If you would have some expereince with wood you would know that sound and solid plywood cannot be as easily chiseled away. Some parts of the wet plywood could be poked away with bare hands (and I can feel well what is wet and rotten). The only way to revover the existing plywood is to work well deep into the sound plywood and then scarf new wood in.

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