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Apologies if  this is old news for you
Rory McDougall is in the Middle of the Atlantic at the end of his second week in the Jester challenge.He's had challenging conditions and it appears that two have had to turn back.Rory demonstrates incredible bravery,commitment & skill.You can follow him online here
Wish him safe passage ,fair winds, get home safe & sound and other good wishes.
Rory has contributed a huge amount to Wharram world & I hope he gets recognition for his ongoing adventures & that he still wants to sail his boat Cookie when he gets home.
I'm raising a flowing glass to you Rory!

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I've been keeping up with Rory from his blog too, John. He's just to the north of the Azores, for those who haven't been following. Had a strong storm a few days back, enough to turn some of the other sailors back due to damage. Good luck to Rory and the other sailors in the Jester Challenge!
Thanks for this posting! It is excellent fun to connect with Rory again and see his adventures on Cookie continuing. Ann and Nev
The Wharram Tiki 21 sailed solo by Rory McDougall is now ahead of all the others in the Jester Challenge which is trans Atlantic from Britain to Newport, Rhode Island. Good Going Rory! About 400 miles to go!
Last reported position was 55 miles SE of Newport, under the eastern side of Martha's Vineyard. Rory will likely be in Newport in the morning!
Rory arrived in Newport second, 2 and a half hrs behind. What a fantastic result for him in a boat as tiny as the Tiki21. Congatulations! See details at http://roryandcookie.blogspot.com/
We sailed Peace to Newport and located Cooking Fat moored in the harbor but Rory had moved ashore according to folks on the dock. Cookie looked great and was bobbing happily at her mooring. Spoke with Igor and saw his boat which is huge compered to Cookie. Seeing a Tiki 21 that has circumnavigated and recently crossed the Atlantic is a great boost to our already high confidence in our Tiki 46. ann and Nev
It's great to catch up with Rory and Cookie again. We lost touch with him after he left New Zealand some years ago. Glad to see that he and Cookie are still out having fun.
Had an email from Rory yesterday. He had thought of sailing up the bay to see us and make a few adjustments to Cookie, but is caught up in the swirl of activity in Newport. He will be sailing back to Britain in a few days. We will try to get down to see him, but are working on Peace pretty hard just now. Knowing him, he will be around again....
Rory landed in Old Blighty Monday night! A wonderful trip (from Rory's words) of 22 days with southwesterlies the last 19 days! Some great pictures of his welcoming party at his blog, , and at the news section on the Wharram site,

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