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Anyone here using Rocna anchors or know someone who is ?

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Maybe a bit off topic but I found this side usefull for my DIY -anchors: http://svseeker.com/anchors.htm

I copied a SPADE S 60 and it works fine on a TIKI 21. It seems to me like the same system as the rocnas.

Islander 55.

Highly recommend the Rocna, their website gives sizing. They have a new anchor the Vulcan which has been designed where the Rocna's roll bar is a problem when stowing.
We have both a 40 and a 33 kg rocna onboard,
The 40 we have had since we started cruising five years ago and have absolutely no problems with setting, dragging and retrieving.
We need to be careful backing as the Rocna sets very fast and hard.
We bought a second rocna last year, a 33kg, as a second anchor as we are now in southern Japan and anchoring / mooring is very different from SE Asia, again has been a great anchor. It's lighter so we use the kayak and paddle into place and roll it over the side. The 33 gets used as a side anchor to hold us off the fishing port walls, stern to beach where we drop it in a few feet of water, or as another front (to one side) during the typhoons, we went through seven typhoons last year. The last one was a doozy, 120kt gusts for a couple of days, both anchors held but the ropes we had out stretched and one parted so we swung slightly and touched ground on the rudders. Both Rocna held and I feel saved us from more serious damage.
The only other anchor I would like is a Fortress for silty mud to complete Tiare's anchors.

Hi Cooper Dan,

Thanks for the info about the vulcan, that looks like it would fit on the bow roller nicely. I was worried that the roll bar wouldn't allow the anchon to snug up nicely.

We have met quite a few cruisers in the caribbean and they all speak very highly about its easy setting and immense holding hence why i am thinking of getting one. It looks like the 33kg would be a good.

I believe that your boat has a similar bowsprit arrangement as the T46, how do you find the anchor stows? does the roll bar get in the way?



Hi Marty
Yes it does get in the way, but it does not move once the top end of shaft is tied down (see image), but we are careful with the sail as the shackle can rub on the sail.
If I were to purchase or replace the main anchor, I think I would choose the Vulcan, has a slightly larger surface area and would stow correctly.
The only time I was glad of the roll bar (other than for re-setting) is when the anchor was so deeply embedded to planet earth and the only part visible was the tip of the bar we could dive and tie a rope to it and break it free with the winch. Driving over was not an option.

Thats great, thanks for the pic. I think i'll be ordering a vulcan 33kg.

Our 40kg CQR is a total nightmare to get set and causes us the most stress...i think my chief mate will be very happy with the vulcan..

here the fotos:


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