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Repairing damage to keels, how to lift a Tiki 38' above high tide?

Hi all,

My Tiki 38' recently had an excursion onto a reef after breaking her moorings while I was away. Fortunately, there's only minor damage to the bottoms of the keels, so the repairs don't look too difficult, however, I'm in an area without slipways, so my challenge is getting her high and dry enough to do the work.

Tidal range is 1.0 to 1.5m at the time I have to do the repairs. I can get her onto a beach, but I'll have to lift her up higher to dry out the keels and do the repairs, so here's my question;

Can anyone offer advice about the best way to jack her up? I'm thinking I'll have to move around the boat jacking a bit, inserting a block, then moving on to the next point, blocking her up a bit at a time... but I'm also wondering if it would be possible, if I spread the load with a heavy board, to lift both bows/sterns at once by jacking under the forward/aft cross beam?

I'm also wondering if the hull sections fore and aft of the keels can support the weight of the boat, or if I should always bear most of the load on the keels & skegs?

If anybody's got any advice, it would be most appreciated...

Thanks folks,

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