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Hi all

it seems that as i am not an australian citizen but have been on a visa awaiting a decision from immigration for the last year with no gaurantee of a favorable outcome i will not be able to register my boat here on completion for overseas travel,apart from south african registry what are my options if any?

cheers paul.

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When you come to Brazil, do not give entry into small ports, only when you come to a big city. Here foreign boats can stay 60 days renewable for another 60 days. Visas for foreigners is not difficult, but the boat after 120 days have to leave Brazilian waters, becouse is considered import, and the tax is 60% of the new boat.!

Maybe the key is showing up or leaving in a really small boat. Say something like Matt Layden's Paradox or Sven Yrvind's current vessel. The Berque twins pull it off too. Few bureaucrats have enough or the right forms to register something in the 13 to 18 foot range. It's sort of light you showed up either as a shipwreck survivor or with a wild hair bent on cruising a day sailor trams ocean. In most countries you can't even register a boat of that size. I circumnavigated Vancouver Island in a 13 foot dinghy a few years back starting out from my local boat launch in Seattle. Niether the Canadian or US customs could make heads or tails of it. They didn't have a form with the right box to check off!

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