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g,day all this is my first post and i thought i would outline the reasons for building a t26 in the not too distant future.as i have never married i have no ties to hold me on shore any longer.i find the phlosophy of j.w quite enchanting,a boat for everyman.considering that in australia now people are enslaved to massive morgages and all that goes with it,i reckon it was not what i signed up for.the t26 seems to be the boat for me at this stage.it will allow me to sail singlehandedly and not so large as to be massively costly and time consuming my aim is to sail and trade the remoter parts of the world,escapinng big brother and the beauracratic nightmare that has now raised its ugly head in many parts of the world.Hans klaar is definitely an inspiration as well as manny of you on this site who have been and done it.
cheers paul.

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