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I recently bought a Tiki 26 (plan #294). She needs a small amount of work to get her up and running. 

The rudders have been removed by cutting the lashings. The lashings themselves were epoxied into the lashing holes. This has caused a head ache to remove them. I've tried drilling a couple out but no matter how hard I try it is impossible to keep the bit in line with the original hole, making a mess of them.

I'm wondering if I can drill the old lashings out, Fill the holes with epoxy and then re drill. I really like the idea of lashings and would rather not go down the gudgeon and pintel track.

Has anyone out there got a better solution? Thanks for any ideas.

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Good thoughts Omar, thank you.

Patrick, I have to replace the lashings as that is how the boat was when I bought it. The rudders had been cut off. Not sure why, maybe it helped with transportation. The boat had been stored in a shed for about 5 years when I got it.



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