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Hello all. I have ordered a set of 3 study plans from the wharram site but had a mix up with the site. My bank reports that the money has been cleared, yet the site just shows the items in my cart as though I still need to pay them. At the time of purchase, the financial site you're redirected to went through fine, albeit twice, but the wharram site reported a transaction failed. My bank account says quite clearly otherwise. I was able to get the design book before this with no hassle. I've made several attempts to contact them, but have received not one reply. Not even a "have patience, we're looking into it". Is there a more reliable way to contact them than the embedded contact link on the site I could try? I'm beginning to have concerns about the actual plan purchase when that time comes. It's a far larger amount than the study plans. I can write off 57 USD but the plans purchase , if lost, will irritate me to no end.

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My sentiments exactly, Frank. I bypassed their forums initially because it seemed there's not much activity on it these days. I'll post my concerns there just for the sake of being thorough and to help them get their stuff lined up. Above all else want to see them succeed well into this century and not fall by the wayside.

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