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Hello boatbuilders,

I am going to coat the interior of the hull panels of my Melanesia. Do you recommend using the wet on wet technique (when the previous coat is sticky, apply the next one)? That way I would have a primary bonding which is supposed to be stronger, right?

However, in the West System user manual and in some places I have read that the first coat should be left to cure, sanded and then apply the next coats. 

What would you recommend?


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If you are using West System, follow their recommendations. We use a non-blushing epoxy and coat wet over tacky.

In the instructions manual they recommend allowing to cure the first coat. However, the West Systems video tutorials on Youtube say that you can coat wet on tacky (without sanding) and the Gougeon Book does as well. I am going to try the wet on tacky since it is also faster...

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