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Price reduced for Tiki 46 Peace IV.  

Peace is now priced at $99,000 US.  This is a crazy and rediculous price for a good, well built, ocean sailing full time live aboard boat.  Peace was surveyed  8 times during the build and we have copies of this stating that she was well built and made to plan or all alterations approved by designer.  She won a major prize at Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat Show.  Peace was our home for 12 years.  She needs a little tickle with a paint brush.  Are you all so scared of a paint brush?!?!  Jeepers!  This boat was built with finest materials. Nev is nearly 80.  It is time for this boat to sell and for us to get a small boat for local waters.  So come and buy this boat.  

Ann and Nev


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I really can't believe Peace IV hasn't sold. 

Just another $90k to make and I'll be knocking on your door.

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