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i'm thinking in modifying the pod area in kaimiloa.
in fact, i will use that area more a a traditional cockpit than as a sheltered (?) original wharram pod.
then, i will saw the aft roof and the aft wall (?) of the pod, and make higher the seats.
i'll put also a bimini next and following the dodger.
should i be concerned if i remove the aft roof and the aft wall regarding structure? i think not, but...
any thoughts?

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Yes, Luis,

Like you, I think this T38' pod can be better designed and adapted for your personal use.
A dodge linked to a bimini is the best becouse you can turn down , if necessary, in hard conditions.
You have just to remember the utility of the roof to climb on to take a reef. But it can be easily made from the higher seats.

Best wishes,

thanks tarciso.
regarding dodger-bimini i fully agree with you.
regarding utility of the roof for reefing, my experience shows that you can coexist with the bimini instead of the roof, as when taking a reef you have rough conditions and to be climbing on the roof of the pod is not for my elderliness ;-)
i prefer to do it standing on the deck or seats as you say.
Hi Luis. have a look at my pod raised seats and all. Will have a Frame with a ladder with solar panels on top.Regards Chris
Hi Luis,

I have just completed such a mod on our cockpit on Jumpa Lagi. My wife and I can't believe the increase in enjoyment that a comfy seat in the shade brings us, when we go out for the day in the heat of SE Asia. I did buy some SS tubing to make a HARD bimini, but after measuring, decided that looking after my skull was more important, and it's too hot to wear a helmet here. So we decided to go for a soft awning bimini. So far so good, although i'm sure i'll have to bring it down in a blow, which is for the best anyway, but provides the helm no protection.
The seats have a great amount of storage under for the ice boxes, fenders, ropes, gas bottle etc. The seat backs also hinge fwd for more access. I've left an archway across the back of about 12" for my cleats and have nonslipped it so i can still use it to tend to reefing.
Very happy with it for relaxing, but yet to see what it's like is nasty weather. It's pretty scary out at the clew of the rear main in any weather let alone in a blow!

I've tried to upload a photo here, but it's not working. I'm still learning how to use this forum, but I've uploaded pics on my page, so check it out there.

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