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i bought some ply today but the sheets are 2400mm long the plans call for the sheets to be 2440mm long.i spoke to lee today and he reckons a scarf joint to make up the shortfall of 120mm .this seems to be the way forward unless there is another solution someone can suggest.
cheers paul

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There seems to be another conversion slip here. An 8 foot panel is 2438.4 mm. According to the plans, the 3 8 foot panels fall an inch short of the required length. The 8 foot panels available here are 'about' 8 feet long, and almost cut square. This was unnoticeable to me on assembly.
If you are scarfing, I'd suggest scarfing on one piece 140 mm (plus scarf length) at the bow. And, if it was me and I was scarfing one panel, I'd scarf them all and get rid of the unsightly butt blocks. You have to add length anyway, and what's another 72 mm among friends.
On the upper hull sides, as drawn, one scarf block gets extend in length from 100 to 300 to form a backing block for the shrouds. There is a short piece on the end so adding the length should take place there. Scarfs to create the length would be a nice addtion there, IMHO, since the upper butt blocks don't align with the lower butt blocks and are unsightly, especially in the Grand Salon.
Another thing to watch for is the English/Metric conversion. In several cases, they don't agree. And in many cases, the drawings were dimensioned in English and converted to Metric, and in other cases the drawings were dimensioned in Metric and converted to English. This is most noticable in non critical dimensions, where round numbers in one system show as a very precise appearing number in the other, ie. 1'-3" or 381mm for a hatch opening. I used rulers both systems as a check against each other. You may want to forgo the joys of mastering the English system if you don't already know it.
Don't trust my math. Enjoy your building.
those ole redcoats hey russell,thanks mate.i must say the scarf joints are smoother and will not create a hard spot imho.as far as the quality of the ply goes it is really sweet the australian hoop plne looks like it will be a
joy to work with.thanks for your advice.


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