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I am sorry to inform the community that I have to sell my glorious Pilgrim: I cannot afford to pay all the fees and costs here on the french riviera.

Please, feel free to ask for the survey which I will send you privately. Then, you can come visit the boat if you want (Marseille): she will be refreshed before the season and ready to go.

Then, do me a decent offer, because as a builder, I will prefer to burn her than giving her away to somebody who expect to take too much advange of the situation.

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Dear Jacques!

How about keeping your boat in Greece? I have my Tiki 38 TIKIMATA there, she is out of the water during the winter in a small boatyard on the eastside of Gr, close to Volos. I know, to use her means for you a long journey to such a distant place every time you want to sail-but better than to loose her...1500 Euro for one year including going in and out is a fair price. For me, living in Bulgaria it is a 7 hour drive from home to TIKIMATA.

If you want details send me an e-mail : meinhard.koch@yahoo.de

Dirk, I could not reach you by email (auto reply:I´m on holiday and will be back on 18th of July 2011.!)

I have my tiki for free on a moorring on the rio guardiana algarve portugal.
It is a safe place..
Two big ancors and a bunch of shain will do.

You neigbour in horta,

Tom haver iki 38 Tinto

Hi Jacques I saw your posting about giving up PILGRIM .I woke too early spoiling my sleep over this.You will regret abandoning her.If that promised pension is real close you could move her to a more humble boatyard in spain or somewhere,Otherwise RUNAWAY that is what boats are built for in the first place.I did ,made easy by an unloving wife and her new boyfriend chasing me off the farm and down to waters-edge ,to where my little trimaran, auktui had patiently waited out two freezing winters hauled into the shoreline snows.AukTui took me silly tears and all for thousands of miles and a great deal of pure fun and adventures intrigue and romance in those prittydarn-free-for the taking caribbean seas. She asked very little .Dont give up your chances with PILGRIM too soon .runaway.

RUNAWAY seems like it might be a pretty good name for a boat as well as a pretty good idea when life falls apart for a little while.  It is what I did on my old boat, the Shannon 28 monohull.  I left with just 3000 bucks of income and no idea of what I would be doing with my life.  It all worked out wonderfully.  Actually the Pilgrims did run away from Europe to come to America.  Runaway and start fresh or maybe enen don't start up on the old work grind ever again!    Have a bit of faith, Jacques! 

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