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I am sorry to inform the community that I have to sell my glorious Pilgrim: I cannot afford to pay all the fees and costs here on the french riviera.

Please, feel free to ask for the survey which I will send you privately. Then, you can come visit the boat if you want (Marseille): she will be refreshed before the season and ready to go.

Then, do me a decent offer, because as a builder, I will prefer to burn her than giving her away to somebody who expect to take too much advange of the situation.

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Désolé Jacques. Es-tu sur de ne pas avoir d'autres solutions? Mise en loc dans un autre pays en med , loc pour une année sabbatique plus entretien ou autre ? 


Nev and I are crying for this loss to you, friend.  Folks, she is built to plan in total faith that Wharram knows what he is doing.  We know how fast she is.  She is a very pretty boat.  Jacques, sail with us whenever you can.  Love,  Ann and Nev

Jacques.....I'm so sad to hear you are selling.


How about doing some day charters on the weekends to cover the costs of owning her??  She would be a wonderful day charter boat, and I know people would pay to go for an afternoon sail on her. 


I have been in the day charter business since 1988, and have taken many thousands of guests out sailing over the years.  I currently day charter my Maine Cat 30 out of San Diego.  It's just not that hard to get customers now with a simple website and google ad words express marketing.  I don't know the legalities for chartering in France, but it may work out.


I just hate to see you let that beautiful boat go without enjoying some more adventures on her.   There just has to be a way to keep her.


If you ever want to talk about day chartering, drop me an email.  My website is www.sailfuncat.com if you want to see how I get my clients.


Wishing you the best,


Jacques, I surely hope you will at least try what Rod suggests.  That looks like a happy solution to your problem. 

Jacques, j'espère sincèrement que tu vas trouver une autre solution et pouvoir garder ton beau bateau !

Je te le souhaite vivement !

amitiés !



Vraiment désolé pour vous. Aujourd'hui, après avoir construit un tiki 21 il y a une vingtaine d'années et approchant de la retraite, je recherche un cata pour voyager pendant quelque années. Je suis toujours intéressé par les Wharram ( entre autres) et un tiki 38 ou un ou un pahi 42 sont des choix possibles.


Bon, concrètement, qu'entendez vous par "offre décente"?

je vous donne mon mail privé: jeanyves.guitton@gmail.com




Jacques -

All of us in the Bois family are wishing you the best and hoping you will be re-posting soon, saying you have found a way and will continue to voyage on your boat.


Jacques,  We just watched videos of your boat and Peace together sailing.  You just gotta find some other way to solve your financial situation.  Keep that lovely boat.  She is  dream.   Love,  Ann and Nev

jacques, je suis désolé pour toi et te comprend totalement , il n est pas une journée ou je ne me pose moi méme cette question vendre mon pahi42 ou pas . les possibilités d anneaux les prix et taxes à distribuer à bcp de monde en france me déprime , je dois ramener mon bateau de las palmas vers la méditerranée pour entretien et les ennuis vont commencer. la voile n est plus vraiment un espace de liberté comme je le pensai avant d avoir "sérénité". je m accroche encore et j espère que tu trouveras soit une solution pour garder pilgrim soit pour le vendre correctement à un marin qui saura en profiter pleinement. bien à toi jphi.

This makes my heart so sad. The love you have poured into this boat in building her, and she is beautiful because of it. I'll send my prayers to the gods of the sea and wind and sun that a better solution comes to you. Until then sail her every chance you get.

May better fortune find you


Jacques I am sorry to hear you are selling your boat. I meet you when you where building her. Cathy and I came to the farm to see the process.I am looking for a boat. Where is she registered? I know how well she is built. What are you try to get for her? I can be reached at george@residentialbuilders.info I hope everything else is going well. Thanks George

Hi Jacques,  like Ann say's; sail over to the NEW WORLD!  you do have a beautiful boat. it'd be a shame to lose her.

 i'm no sailor (yet) but i know if i had a beautiful TIKI 38 (my favorite Wharram) i'd find a way to keep her; much easier to keep what you have than to start over. GOOD LUCK and FAIR WINDS!! David.

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