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Having just watched the move 'Waterworld' for the first time, I was intrigued to find out what the boat is at the end of the movie.  The one that mariner sails off into the sunset on.  At first I thought it was a Pahi 26, but after looking at it more the bow and stern are different.  Anyone got any more information?


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Dang, now I have to watch the movie again just to check out the final scene.

The last scene of Water World was filmed in Waiapio valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. The" Pahi" looks like a couple of old fiberglass outrigger canoes  lashed together(minus the outriggers) then faux painted. These paddling outrigger canoes are common in Hawaii. People some times make two of them into catamarans like this one. The "pahi" styling of the stems is only found in Hawaiian canoes.

That sounds right. But I'll check out the movie anyway.

Here is a link to the Hokulea rebuild.  Relaunched last year, preparing to do a world cruise:


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