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Hello friends,

I had arranged for Kaimalolo to work as a charter boat in Central America, and she was on her way there but sadly the deck took on water. Back to marina she went/is. Deck is about only thing not replaced on this boat in past 5 years. THey want $13000 to redo the deck.  I dont have capability to continue this any longer. As such she is for sale or even barter. 

Things done in 2015 alone:

New "plastic wood" decking ( replaced all teak)

complete interior repainted

New VHF and additional AGM switchable  battery bank installed

Got the Aries windvane autopilot functional

Two large "TOugh" igloo coolers (best they sell that I could find anywhere)

new cushions in front (large) bunks

new captains chair and sunbrella cushions in cockpit

Caribe dinghy with 15hp Yamaha (bought used)

Make an offer and come get her from Baytown,  Texas in September please

Here is the old ad which remains largely accurate:


Yes Im open to seller financing. Im open to partnerships. Im open . I will be at the boat on/around September 11th (yes I know thats doubly ironic)


720 316 1883

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Please. What does it mean for the "deck to take on water"?  Is it a foam core deck or is the ply saturated. Is it rotten as a result?  Could we get some photo's perhaps. Perhaps the slats are waterlogged/rotten?

thank you


Hi Jim,

Basically its a deck made of plywood coated in only 1 coat of fiberglass. After 20 years and 1 heavy year this year of rain the port fore deck gave in (yes apparently saturation)on the crew attempting to deliver her which spooked the heck out of them. Its unclear as of now how bad the rot goes but as of now Im told that the entire deck is similarly weak and prone to this event and there is some similar weakness in the pod. Hatches and portholes all need resealing. Guy wants $13000 to fix it and this does not include cost of haulout.storage. Said it will take 3 weeks approximately. This includes replacing and reinforcing the entire deck (both hulls). 

Feel free to ask more questions I can update you as I find out more. THis event came with quite a degree of shock and awe and Im still in dizzied state seeking a solution. 

THe interior of the boat is STRONG and the bottom as well. THat comes from the marine wood repair guy and the bottom scraper I had there less than a week ago. Right now there is tarp over the "stomp"

Thanks for your interest , even people shedding interest on it right now is some consolation to me. 



720 316 1883

Photo of deck damage. (forward port side)


Jason Belmont said:

Im quite sure most of you could fix the deck issues without huge expense. 

Im open to lowball offers and owner financing.

 If anyone is interested I'd consider a partnership if you can help me get her to Belize. 

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