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I already ask this question in the small pahi group. Maybe I'll have a better chance here :

I am trying to buy a Pahi 31 which is built following standard plans. Does anybody purchase plans for Tiki 46 type beams and for Tiki rig conversion.

Does it worth the money and the effort ?



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For the P26 i bough the conversion plan . But it was not necessary the conversion is so simple . You just need have a look on T46 rigging and copy .

Definitively Worth the effort

Did you move forward the mast ?

yes , i took roughly the mast foot from the central beam and placed it on the forward beam with a tabernacle , i am proud of, it is my first wood/ epoy work !

But the central beam is destroyed , shame on me .

Nice work.

It's a little bit complicated on Pahi31 due to the original rig (with spreaders, two Forestays ...) so I'd be happy to have a look on tiki rig plans for pahi31 before purchasing.

Thanks for the photos

This may be a stupid question, but since I've got the plans for both a Tiki 30 and a Pahi 31 in front of me, and they both have the same height mast, is the Wingsail Rig for the Pahi 31 simply a repurposed Tiki 30 rig? Same sail plan, same rigging, different hull?


for T26/P26 it is the case . HW sent me the T26 sheets rigging plan . I suppose it is the same for T30 / P31 .

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