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Does anybody have information about theese engines? In Italy they are really cheap (maybe too cheap). Are they reliables?

Has anyone had any experience with them and if so what are they like are they any good or are they cheap for a reason

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not used one myself but place that imports them near me rates them alongside Tohatsu apparently they come from aus


yeah,most of em are copys just depends on what ''Chinese'' is working.I talk a lot to local boatmen and fishermen in Indonesia,a country that runs on''DONG FENGS''and find out whats flavour of the month.I turfed my old  4cyl Izuzu and put in a 33hp single cyl Jiandong.Goes like the clappers,torque plus,smooth,noise level same,2ltrs hr..$800 brand new delivered.keep fuel n oil clean and cant go far wrong imo.oh and with electric start and easy start manual hand crank to boot

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