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i just found this site on line. I don't know anything about them but I know lightweight diesel outboards are a holy grail for wharram owners. http://www.klaxondieseloutboards.com/category/outboards/fhseries/

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Im building a Tehini 51.  I like the looks of the air cooled, slow speed, big prop Klaxond diesel outboard. They have a 57' shaft.   has anyone looked into or bought one?

Weigth 78kg                        83kg

the specs say 22" shaft

I can't see using these as primary motors. I am thinking their dealer net work and parts distribution would suck.

Yes I agree that there parts could be a problem.  Im not talking about there go fast out board, there LHD20 is the largest of there slow rev big prop outboards.   Looks like a vertical long-tail.   It has five shaft lengths from 23.6 to 57.1"  Air cooled, single cylinder outboard.    

Maybe somewhere in Asia there are 50,000 on work boats running with no troubles.   Or maybe they have only built the prototype.  

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