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Hello fellow Wharram aficionados. 

I am going to install nav lights and VHF antenna to my Tiki 26. I have a few ideas / options but was wondering if any one out there has any bright ideas for a simple solution.

Of course the obvious is on top of the mast, and may go this way but for only one or the other. LED lights affect the radio signal  and have been advised to keep them separate.

Happy sailing / building... 

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Radio solution:

Nav lights solution:

If you find that neither of these are viable, you will probably need to stick with a hand held radio, or non-LED nav lights.

Thanks for the replies guys. Yes I think technology has provided a few more options than the first two. I like the portable battery powered LED option, here in NZ the decent ones are very expensive. Haven't seen those NASA ones in your post Ian.

I have already set up a suitable 12 volt power system so will probably hard wire a tri colour on top of the mast, which will leave me looking for a workable solution for mounting an antenna somewhere down near the deck. Hand held is an option but I already have a mounted set which has a lot more transmit power available. 

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