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I have been advised to buy this book by Thomas Firth Jones as to one of the more definitive books on smaller cats.

It will make for interesting reading by those of us who sail these boats, unlike anything that is contemporary on the subject there is no talk of all the crap that seems to be needed on a condomaran these days.

I found the payload chapters of great interest. Good read.

You can buy the book off amazon.

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Good book.

Just read it. Good book.

Yes - it's a great book.

They survived a Caribbean Hurricane by just heaving-to and going below to wait it out.

I loved reading this book.

I love it but not easy to translate . Fith Jones is a real whriter.
I like the forum here because you dont use tricky words and formules . Many of you have already the purpose in their post of being understood by all the communities. There is still lot of technicals marines words to get and the google translator transform the text in impossible chinese dialect .
Please dont forget the international purpose of this beautifull place , you are reading by lot of non english mother langage.

Laurent your English is better than my French. You make a good point and i have the greatest respect for those who have to communicate in a language that is not their mother tongue, especially when it comes to technical language.

all the best paul.

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