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We hope to have our TIKI 21 in the water soon.

One of the last steeps is the constrution of the mast. We have ordered an aluminum tube but it is only available in 6 meters. So we will have to make wooden inserts on both ends. Are there any hints on how to fixate the inserts?

Concerning the mast we will follow the plan but I am thinking about two modifications:

Increasing the mastlength to 7m. I know about the importance of keeping the center of effort as low as possible but I imagine it would improve comfort on the plattform to hoist the main 50cm higher in light winds. Are there any experiences with this idea? We will anyway use 6mm wire for shrouds and forestay, the sails remain unchanged.

Secoundly I would like to use a spinnaker or gennaker. This means there must be a second halyard which exits the mast above the forestay. I have seen mastheads with a mastcrane and a pulley ahead similar to the arrangement astern for the gaff. Unfortunately this means the halyard goes down ahead of the mast and cannot be hidden by the luffpocket. I dont like the idea. So I am thinking about copying the jibhalyard disk-arrangment.

Please tell my your thoughts about this. Approved solutions and pictures are welcome.



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