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My new boat Tiki 21 "Gratitude" is currently enjoying the winter comforts of a nice dry barn on Dartmoor. The hulls are being prepared for painting and the wood for new platforms and rudders has been ordered. The aluminium tube for a new mast has arrived.

There two potential modification I'd like comments on. From an article in The Sea People No4, these are:

1) Mast Length: It suggests making the mast 45cm longer to improve visibility under the mainsail. (Needs new s/s shrouds etc.)

2) Rudders: Increase the area below the waterline (see the drawing from the article below). It claims significant manoeuvrability improvements.

I would greatly appreciate comments on these. I have an opportunity to do both of the above. Why would I not? 

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I checked my plans (T30) and the rudder shape is similar to that in the picture (with the increase of the underwater area). Maybe this modification has already been adopted in new plans?

I would ;-)

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