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Hi all,

In the latest issue of Multihulls World there is a mention of a new Wharram design called Mana 24. They refer to wharram.com for more information, but I can't find any info.


Anyone else have more information?



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thnx Eric. yes an interesting sailplan.

I wish that they'd not abandoned the Tiki 24 Millennium, whicn was a true improvement on the Hinemoa. Nice ideas but the whole concept is still Hinemoa-sized.  I think this boat will have limited appeal for families on a budget wanting to sail coastal passages, which remains the size of boat for which the Wharrams have never really provided a definitive solution - just that bit bigger than a Hinemoa but cheaper than a Tiki 26, with options on cabin-tops/no cabin-tops and other accessories. The 'Millennium' had vital statistics that were just right for coastal hopping and ditch-crawling, including keeping the overall beam under control. I am still pondering my own build because nothing quite fits the bill. The Tiki 24 would have been 'it' - I don't think this is quite There. I am resigning myself to having to work from Tiki 21 plans and scale everything up.

Overall I think the Wharrams don't provide enough variants on their basic designs. Compare John Marples' portfolio and there is a lot more choice - if you like small trimarans......

Looks like this is getting some coverage at Wooden Boat as well.


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