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Hi, I am in the process of restoring a wharram tiki 30, and think it should perform better than it does now.

What kind of angle is normal for a tiki 30?

Below i added  photo's of my chart plotter and main sail.

My sails are about 6 years old, but might have seen more uv light than they should.  I am putting more and more tension on the outhoul on the gaff witch help to get a more flat sail.

This winter i also want to apply a new coat of anti fouling paint,   this is one of the jobs a bit lower on the to-do list, i had to fix other things first... i have some growth on the hulls.

the boat is not to heavy on the helm, it just wants to turn a bit to the wind. is that okay or should i trim it really neutral?

any idea's?

Thanks a lot!


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Time for a little update.

This summer i sailed with a clean bottom, i used a copper and epoxy mixture as antifouling and i got only slight growth, witch was easy to  remove when on a beach.

I also  put the hulls parralel. The distance between te hulls front was 5 cm less than at the rear!  The reult of quick beam mount repairs while in the water?

The results of this was indeed much improved speed, now i am sailing often wind speeds in knots\2..  i go often 10 knots+ with 18- 24 knots wind. Witch i find great!

The sailing angles improved just a bit. learning the traveller without a boom takes some time, but i think the main sail is not flat enough. I mailed the pictures of the main to jeckels, and they thought it was fuller than it was made.

I have to keep on sailing and practising, and perhaps a new main sail later on..

For now i am pleased with al the tips and ideas, Thank you all!

Regards Bart


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