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Hello good Wharram folk, 

I'm just posting on the off chance someone somewhere might be about too, or know of ,one of the above boats coming up for sale.

I have scoured the internet and found a couple of likely candidates but am wondering if there are any more out there. 

 Pretty much anywhere in the world is viable as long as the boat is in reasonable condition and facilities are available close by to prep/upgrade for a voyage home to Europe. 

Looking basically for a seaworthy fixer upper. 

Many thanks in advance 


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Can't get more up at moment , but there she is, has a strange centre pod , which I'm thinking of removing or modifying somehow , it was built in Norfolk for the North Sea I guess.

Well done. Exciting times! I would just use the pod as is for the moment before changing .  Get to know its advantages and dis-advantages. Thanks for the photos.  Would love to see photos of the pod when you are able.

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