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Hello good Wharram folk, 

I'm just posting on the off chance someone somewhere might be about too, or know of ,one of the above boats coming up for sale.

I have scoured the internet and found a couple of likely candidates but am wondering if there are any more out there. 

 Pretty much anywhere in the world is viable as long as the boat is in reasonable condition and facilities are available close by to prep/upgrade for a voyage home to Europe. 

Looking basically for a seaworthy fixer upper. 

Many thanks in advance 


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Mate if I had the $$$ this is the one I would buy http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/49958

Love the fore deck on that one, but pretty sure its sold, no feed back from owner. 

Expensive though. You can get glass multihulls for that kind of a price nowadays. They are practically giving them away in Florida....

There was a german lady who replyed to me after a very long time, not very long ago.

Anthony hunt said:

Love the fore deck on that one, but pretty sure its sold, no feed back from owner. 

The boat is still for sale, I'm being battered by the exchange rate at the moment that puts it price and distance slightly out of reach, judging from the info they sent me though it seems like a really good boat for a great price.

Check out Annie and Nevils catamaran peace in this website I've been sailing all my life -she's the best wharram I have seen.

Hello Wharram folk. 

I just put the deposit down on a Tiki 38 called Mata Manawi, think i got a great price, I would love to build one but I'm no spring chicken so I look forward to keeping this one on the water and improving her. Many thanks to those who replied, I found this one on Apollo Duck and no one seemed to notice it. I must admit to keeping it quiet as it was very well priced. 

Look forward to meeting some of you on the water, and if anyone wants to come sailing on a Portuguese based Tiki in September this year, drop me a line . 

Dear Jim, looking for Bananas

Greetings Wolf

love to see some photos Anthony

Here is a PAHI42 in Netherlands new on the market that is ridiciously cheap


That is nuts cheap, lots of options there

Brett Parker said:

love to see some photos Anthony


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