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I'm looking for a Wharram cat that I could take to Hawaii. I'm currently based in CA, USA.

I would consider anything. Also I would travel anywhere in the US if I had to trailer it/ sail it , given I have found the right boat.  Generally tiki /pahi 26 or something of that sort - but we'd love a bigger boat if it was priced right.

We're a young couple and would love nothing more than to find a nice used wharram lying somewhere unused, that would give us the opportunity to live on the seas, now. It would mean a lot to us at this moment.

Any information at all will be appreciated, if you know someone or where to seek it , it will all be very helpful.

Thank you!

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Why Hawaii in particular?

Might I suggest the east coast of Australia? Much better cruising ground for small cats. 

Lots of coast,reef and rivers to explore. And if you are under 30 you can get your working holiday visa. 

I have been on my Hinemoa the last two years, along the queensland coast. Absolutely love it. Now I need to figure out how to stay longer.

Being from Hawaii, I dont recommend it as a cruising area. Mostly as I am a bit jaded regarding Hawaii. It gets rough and anchorages are limited. 

Good luck

We picked it as a starting point, no deep reasoning behind it. I'd love to explore Australia, it's just we're not there yet. First the boat..

Its worth looking for a boat in OZ . Good exchange rate right now.

If you arent dead set on a wharram, lots of boats to be had. 

My Hinemoa may be for sale but you would want bigger

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