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I am new in this group

I lived aboard my motorhome for the last 6 years.

But my family becomes bigger, we have a new passanger 2 months old.

And we are ready now for make real our dream, We love wharrams designs especially pahi 31. we can offer our motorhome us a payment for the boat. Maybe somebody is interested in it. We are ready for go where a boat can be suitable.

The lovely motorhome has spanish documents, and lives in Croatia. Everything runs perfectly. Is georgeous home and strong motor.

Thanks for your help

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I have A Pahi 31. Sometimes I think I might sell it to get start-up money for material for a new build. I have cruised with 3 for a summer cruise but frankly I think you may need something larger for liveaboard. I am happy to discuss your plans perhaps you can be contacted by e-mail or facebook ??   For some photos and information check out my member's page at-  Galway Bay.       

Just out of interest, what you ask for your Pahi 31 ?

Welcome to wet and windy Ireland !!

I have not made my mind up about selling. I would sell only if I decided to build again and this is not a simple decision with many factors involved.

On another post you mention some things as "tabu" on this site. This is not true. Yes you may draw down the fire of some self - appointed policemen but they speak only for themselves. The moderator of this site is Budget Boater who set it up as "a photo and discussion forum for Wharram and other self-built / ply boats." Plenty of us would welcome a discussion on your ideas.

Are you ever around Galway / Clare?? Might fit in a sail next spring if you have no boat of your own ??

Hi - I'm in Bantry , so not so far. Thanks for the kind offer. Always liked the Pahi design but never had a chance to sail on one.

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