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I'm looking for 26' - 32' Tiki (or similar cat) unfinished project. I'm in Philly, PA



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Hi Andrew. I've send a message to you, where you can find an e mail address of a chap in the states that has a Wharram for sale at a very reasonable price. He contacted me as, I too, have a similar add as yours, on the Wharram site. unfortunately for me I am in Aus, way too far to consider buying it.  

Good luck with that

how unfinished are you looking for?

Depends on price, condition, quality of work ...

There is a tiki 21 in Texas. Ill look up past email/name if you are interested.

Thank you Derek, but 21 too small for me.

Check out Edward. He just decided to sell his Tiki 30 project: http://tiki30build.blogspot.com/. Good Luck!

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