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Hi there!

We're a couple of enthusiastic sailors that fell in love with the ocean four years and have been sailing huge oceans on different adventures aboard both monohulls and catamaran-lashed crafts (from Okeanos - Foundation for the Sea).

Now the time has come to start searching for a liveaboard home in the water and through past experiences our aim is to find a similar design for an affordable price.

Ever since we stumbled upon wharram's designs we've been delighted to see not only the capabilities of the vessel but also the community of owners that sail them both in coastal waters and through oceans. We feel like simplicity and beautiful traditional design fits perfectly with our ongoing learning experience that we're willing to share with others, therefore Wharram's designs are on top of our list in order to jump on the continuous on-the-water life.

In case you're that owner, or know the owner, or maybe know the person that knows the person that knows the owner, and he/she's looking forward for that boat that he/she can't upkeep anymore for it to be going to energetic and enthusiastic hands, to bring it back to the oceans where they belong, and to keep carrying that soul through swells and sunshines, we'd love to hear from you.

We'll be searching around the coastlines in South Australia / Victoria from next week onwards, and we're willing to make as much effort as possible to keep our hulls double and lashed together, althouh at this stage we don't close ourselves to finding a small bluewater monohull either.

With many thanks in advance, wishing you'all fair winds, and most appretiation and inspiration from all information displayed and shared through this amazing source,

Best hugs

Jorge & Jodi

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