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list of changes recomended or completed for physical disabilities or limitations

I am interested in creating a list of modifications made to assist those with physical limitations due to age, accident or necessity. pictures are great. Thanks Everyone.

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On Peace IV, we sail with many advanced elderly.  We aren't so young ourselves, these days either.  We have an Ideal electric windlass which raises our 88 pound anchor and 200 feet of chain nicely.  We also have designed and built booms with tracks and  traveler lines led aft to the cockpit.  Our ramp is altered which has aided even friends with spina bifida  to visit us.  I would suggest that folks building the Tiki 46 might consider making the steps into the hulls less steep.  There are pictures of these changes on our page on this web site.  These are not huge changes to make and I must say that most of our very elderly or handicapped friends are delighted to be so easily accomodated.  Good luck to you.

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