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Some of you will already know this, but MAS EPOXY'S regular glue is lots less toxic than West System epoxy.  Now they have  a "new" glue that came out 8 years ago.  It is called LOW TOX and it is even less likely to cause the dreadful rash that so many boat builders suffer with.  Nev had it so bad with the West System epoxy, the fumes would set him off while we were building Peace.  We did not learn about MAS epoxy until we were finished building and had already launched Peace.  But we have learned in recent years that Nev can use regular MAS epoxy and that is what we are using today.  We always use the slow hardener so we are never rushed when doing work and can be sure to do a good job.  MAS epoxy has no amine blush so we save lots of time there..


Today we were mixing MAS epoxy to strengthen our engine wells, and I found clogged pumps and was phoning the company's toll free phone number for any special instructions on that issue and while chatting, I learned about their LOW TOX glue.  It is apparently darker in color and the complete specifications can be found on their web site.  I suppose one would google in MAS epoxy to get the information.


We have found them an good company to deal with.  We have no sales or financial association with MAS.and offer this experience freely.  Ann and Nev

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Good to hear, my cousins boat building career was over as soon as it started because of the high Ammonia content in most epoxy hardeners. If he gets exposed now he has to go on a course of steroids to deal with the outbreak.
I myself use SP Systems which is about as industrial as you can get and I've been is some real sticky situations where I was absolutely covered in it, luckily it has no effect on me....yet!
I am looking forward to a time when science can develop more eco and user friendly bio-resins.
The thing in epoxy that gets the rash started is amine which is the thing that comes to the surface as amine blush and you gotta clean it off before anything else gets glued onto that surface. MAS epoxy uses some other ingredient in their hardener so there is no amine to cause rash and no amine to cause blush and it all works ok for us when we use their regular slow hardener. I do not know all the info you would need to learn about with either NO TOX from MAS or their regular products, but it is all available to you on line if you google in MAS epoxy.

Jacques says the NO TOX from MAS does not hold up well in the sunshine. I know that regular West System epoxy has the same problem and I think that might be true of all epoxy. You gotta paint or varnish your epoxy and fiberglass or keep it covered. Epoxy is an amazing thing, but it can't stand up to the sun.

Ann and Nev

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