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The time has come to launch my boat.It has been a long build with a number of challenges.I have a billion small things to do before the launch next week,finding a virgin not least amongst them ;-).

I would like to acknowledge all those who have encouraged me on this journey,you know who you are.

Cheers P.

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Congratulations mate! Well done.


Thats chapter one.

Good luck with the sailing :-)

Well done Paul, now comes the reward for all that hard work!

Looking forward to seeing the photos...

Thx fellas,I have not settled on a name yet but ''Honey Badger'' is a strong contender.Rob I will get some pics for sure.

"Honey Badger" sounds good !

Robert Hughes said:

"Honey Badger" sounds good ! Bill Bailey would approve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg

Congratulations, Paul!

Wow, great job Paul and as one chapter closes a new one opens!

Cheers Bob and Boa Ya,frantic last minute work done,antifouling,non skid on the decks.The interiors are a mess,but I will get onto them later.I borrowed  a 7m trailer from a mate.It's good but a little bit tall of the ground. I may just lash some poles to it to extend the width of the trailer and assemble the boat on the trailer,we will see.

Congratulations, mate!

Well done Paul. I'm sure you'll get a real return on your efforts now you're heading for the water. Good luck and enjoy it.

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