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I'm not a jet-ski (PWC) fan. BUT, that motor intrigues me. Has anyone modified a jet-ski motor and fitted it to propel a yacht? I'm more interested in it's maneuverability than speed. Would it be possible to mount the motor to the deck, say in a housing of sorts, and have direct steering of the propulsion system (jet)?
Just keen to hear your thoughts.


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Jets have terrible fuel economy.You certainly could rig it on deck and run the water through a steerable nozzle. The additional tube length would require additional hp and would need to be able to be pulled out of the water as the jets don't like any fouling on them. Outboards over a very good power to weight to cost ratio that is hard to surpass IMO David
There are jet drives out there for larger craft, I recall reading about some for 50-ish footers in Wooden Boat and a few of the local whale watch power cats have jets. I believe there are also outboard jet drives. The techie in me likes this thought but the design asthetic of Wharrams is for simplicity so I feel I need to vote with David. Hmmm but if money were no object and a small prototype could be built, hmmm I need to win the lottery.

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