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Hi All,

First off want to say this is an Awesome site :) We've purchased our tiki 38 Catknapp and are picking her up in a few days.

This has spurred a good friend of mine to look at buying a cat, He's found one that 'speaks' to him in the pictures 


It claims to be a Wharram but is clearly heavily modified, I was wondering if anyone here had a clue as to what breed of Wharram it could be? The center pod is clearly going to alter it's characteristics quite a bit and would like to know anyone's thoughts on how badly.

My friend isn't set on it but does like it, he's be able to customize it to his liking without having to completely build it from scratch or pay someone to build it


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Good day, yes it is a Wharram , Narai, I have been on this boat. It is a solid as boat. He has done a great job on finishing the boat it was a bare shell when I saw it.

All the best to ur friend. !!!

PS. All the best for ur new boat CatKNapp as well.

Congrats on your new Tiki 38!!  I've also been looking for a good Wharram, and flew all the way to Italy from California to look at a Narai last year..


About the boat your friend is interested in.  You never really know if a custom boat was a good deal until it comes time to sell.  Almost everybody eventually puts their boat on the market, and from what I've seen, usually sooner then expected even sometimes after many years of building.  It's hard to think about the exit plan when planning a new adventure, and shopping for a boat, but keeping that in mind can save alot of $ when it comes time to sell.  After owning many boats and building one, I think it's better to "date" boats, not "marry" them.. These heavily modified Wharrams stay on the market for a long, long, time from what I've seen over the years, and then they sell for peanuts, if able to sell at all.  I think a better long term strategy is finding a wharram that was built to plan.  The boat may cost a bit more on the front end, but at least when it comes time to sell, there will be a market for the boat.  When it comes time to sell,  if you have to pay the slip or mooring fees, and ongoing maint. for a few years while you look for a buyer for an unusual design, all of the sudden that good deal doesn't seem like such a bargain anymore.

There are plenty of other good designers doing the large bridgedeck thing. 





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