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I painted my 31 with International Perfection 2 pack paint. Roller/dolly brush, mainly.

This stuff is not easy to use, but if certain methods are employed in certain conditions the results are very good and the longevity also.

I had difficulty recently sourcing the paint which I wanted for repainting my lower hullsides which had been stained by the crud that is in the water everywhere (it seems).

I managed to find some of the colour I wanted in Plymouth at Force4 chandlers.

They told me that henceforth the paint will only be supplied to commercial contractors and that the range will be limited. I eventually found this on the International  website which is now divided commercial/private.

As a retired commercial artisan I can assure you that the reason for this is bollox and just another way of ramping price, The stuff has shelf life problems and indeed, I received a 750ml pack from a supplier last year of which the hardener was completely rock hard solid gone- off.

My local chandler says they won't stock it anyway because it iis now incredibly expensive and it goes off quickly on the shelf.

A contractor gave me some very good advice about applying this paint, and coppercoat:

Use the 4" hd foam concave- end rollers. They are black. They are on Ebay. They last a long time compared with many others and there is no edge to the rolled paint applied so no need to flickoff with a dolly brush.

4" is better than the longer rollers I find as there is less chance of overloading the roller (= runs).

These manufacturers should supply hardener separately, because it always goes off before the full pack is used unless it's part of a sizeable repaint, and you use the paint up per tin in one go. I put my old nitrile gloves over the hardener tin to try to stop that.

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