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Here is a Pahi 35 listed for sale in Aruba that is quite interesting.   it has a bridge deck cabin that seems to be integrated into the hulls.  It is completely lacking the visible beams projecting.  What confuses me is the listed beam of only 15'.... it should be around 18' I think.   Built in 1978 according to the add, it's a nice looking boat for $18K.  Anybody know anything about it?   Here's the URL:  Pahi 35 Aruba


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I think it is the original Pahi 35 that was built in foam/sandwich, it is mentioned in the Wharram Design Book.

It is the precursor of the P31 and P42. The firsts Pahis where narrower (the beam of the P31 was almost the same length as the Tiki 26, and now it has 16'3") . The bridge deck cabin was added by an owner later.

While it definitely looks like the Pahi... with it's strangely shaped bows, it lacks the high beam location and lashings which are visible on the normal Pahi models.  It looks like it has rigid beams, and that would tend to be confirmed by the full width bridge deck cabin integrated into the hulls, which would not be possible on a flexible boat.  Perhaps it uses the other Wharram flex beam connection, but then one would think that the cabin would need to have a connection to the hulls that allowed for flexing, which if that is the case, is not obvious here........... Or did the owner make things rigid??  

     In any case, a very interesting variant........... as the 35 is not a normal Pahi length, I suspect you are right about which boat it actually is............ I don't have the book.   I have very mixed feelings about foam sandwich construction dated 1978.  That was before real marine construction foams existed....nor have those marine marine construction foams had a particularly good record...............  I'd be very shy about a sandwich boat from that era. 

Note that looking at the photos in the add, the bridge deck cabin has a bed sideways in it,   Looking at the mattress and the mast location, etc, I would estimate the actual full cabin width including the part that overlaps the hull cabins to be about 12', which makes the full beam of 16' believable, but looking at the exterior it simply does not look that narrow, except for one photo where it shows the bows, front beam, and self furling jib.  Perhaps the reason it doesn't look narrow is the low cabin.... I'd estimate headroom at about 5'.


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