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After 13 months, I have completed construction of my Tanenui about 100 miles from Galveston Bay, TX

Happy days right? Not so much.  I fully assembled the hulls, beams, cockpit, etc and then proceeded to break her down for transport to the coast.

I visited several yards on the coast and they all require liability insurance before I can enter the yard. OK, that shouldn't be too hard...WRONG!

Every broker and insurance company I have contacted said not without a survey. So I found a surveyor willing to come to my remote location. Passed his inspection with flying colors, but since the boat was not fully assembled, he stated that.  After passing the survey along to several brokers, they all say, "no, we can't give you insurance since it is not assembled".  So after paying $1200 for a survey to get a liability only policy to get me into the yard I have nothing.

Can anyone suggest a course of action? I could likely re-assemble the boat, pay another $1200 and maybe get insured but that seems like a lot of work with no guarantee. Is there builders insurance that I might purchase to get me to the water?

I am not to the point of breaking out the chain saw, but this is frustrating. Suggestions?

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I can't help you with insurance information but I do know of at least one government owned yard that doesn't require it on the Arkansas river in Oklahoma. Or at least they never asked me when I was there with my boat....  If you can't find insurance it might be worth calling around to see if there are any State or government yards that might be a little more flexible. I was thinking of launching in your area at one point and from the calls I made to a few big marinas/yards it seems like they have very specific regs that don't make it easy or affordable for a self-builder. But there are some pretty small and isolated yards along the bayous in your area you can find with a search. They might be a little more relaxed. Or perhaps your home insurance would add a 3rd party liability policy to the boat for storage only? Let us know if you find a builders policy, that information will be useful for other builders. Good luck!

Ahoy Capn Frank,

     Try this agency, I don't believe they require a survey for liability:


Thanks, I will give them a shout


DIY boat yard in Galveston where I assembled my Tiki 38. No insurance.

Pier 77 now requires $1M liability insurance. But I found liability only going builders risk route. Thanks everyone

I use to live and Houston and looked at pier 77 for some work. But 1M in liability insurance seems a tad outrageous

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