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Having acquired a crew pretty much as with all  crews (offers of pie and brew and loot), i now sit contemplating my ass in a sling as i am about to start a build. The issue is size, and type. Tiki 46, or ?

the constraints include a 45 foot boat shed made of a tent (rv shelter), and terrible weather this year as with the last few. So this year, if i had bought system 3 #2, then there would have been only 5 days we could have set resin. Thus shed must now be  heated.  And thus demands insulation.  A chore in itself. But to the point, how accurate, are the hours estimates on the plans. The Tiki 46 says 4000 hours. Presuming these are smart humans, is this a best case estimate that is never achieved? or close to reasonable if  one is not a doofus too much of the time?  Will apply the same logic to the pahi plans hours estimate. Hull forms would suggest that the tiki is an easier hull to construct. Is this a fair assessment? As i plan to go stayless and crabby, probably some of the rigging hours would drop away. Again, a fair conclusion?




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meaning what? exactly? that women only scratch their ovaries for 14 minutes and only sip wine 10 minutes? or that  the males wont be such lay-abouts if female phermones are present? Hmmmm... now where can i hire some of them grey space alien bastards with no 'nads?

Cliff, I can't speak to timing for a Tiki or Pahi, but we are tracking hours carefully on our Nairi Mk IV build. See our blog here:


The project hours log is on the home page. I haven't added up hours for glassing hull#1 yet -- we just finished it. 

So far it is our impression that we're pretty much on track for the time as estimated on the Wharram plans. We think this is because we are working with an experienced boat builder two days per week.


It will of course depend on the skills of those involved, the weather, etc. etc. -- but I empathize with your desire to have some kind of an estimate to begin.


All the best,



Good luck on your project!


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