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Has anyone in the forum built a Hitia 15 or 17 as a first project before jumping to building a bigger boat?

  • Learn the techniques and skills on a smaller project so building the next project you'll do it better where quality matters more (off coast rather than a lake or bay).
  • All costs are lower.
  • Find out the Hitia is enough boat for now.
  • Can build closer to home.

If anyone has experience that shows that this is a bad idea - I'd love to hear it.  I really like the idea of building a boat and sailing it but don't want to waste too much time if its the wrong path.

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I built a hitia 17 partly for the reasons you describe.

Its a good idea. You get at feeling for the process and the the immensity of building a bigger boat :)

The hitia is also a great little boat. We still use it as a beach catamaran in the summertime. I now also have a tiki 21.

I am somewhat looking for a bigger wharram. Would not build from scratch, but perhaps finish a project boat.

I picked up the plans for the melanesia.  If I can't build that - then anything bigger would be a mistake.

I just completed my Hitia14, let me which cat you ended up with, I'd love to discuss more on the making.
I'm based in Jakarta so materials is extremely difficult as sailing isn't very much available.

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