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Hi All, 

Just wondering if there is anyone out there with a Hitia 17 who could give me some information on the type of sail rig they use. Im considering the wing sail, and would love to hear which of the two they would recommend, and what are the benefits, if any, of upgrading to the wing sail rig...

Many Thanks,

Josh :)

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Hi Josh,

as I am not quite finished with my built, I can not serve with any performance info.


I decided for the wing sail as I am dreaming bigger and the main purpose of my Hitia will be (besides having a boat at all) a test boat for my building capabilities and to test the wing sail (standard rig for the bigger Tikis).

In this scenario I never really looked at the sprit rig but I remember reading someone's arguments in favour of it. The sprit seems to be quite handy when you plan to beach the Hitia quite often as you can reduce the sail area very quickly.


Hope it helps,


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. Seems like we are both in it for the same reasons and with similar ideas.. Nice to tackle the smaller project and see how it goes before diving into the BIG one! Good luck!

I have the plans for the wingsail conversion for the Hitia/Maui (unused) that I'd like to sell if anyone is interested.

Hey there Russell,
Have you still got the plans and how much. I am about to begin a Tahiti Wayfarer and may be able to adapt it as an option.
Yes, I still have them. $35 +postage if you're outside the US.
Sweet, I'm in Santa Fe, NM.

Could you PM me your details to get the money to you?

Shaun, as soon as you accept my friend request...
Cool, OK, your my friend. Now what?
I work fairly well with wood and epoxy, computer not so much.
Oops, my bad, just found it, just did it. He he.
Now search carefully and you'll dind the PM
I did,...

I have the sprit and I am very pleased with it. Boat is fast. Reefing (in terms of hitting the break) is VERY fast. Mast is not longer than the boat... very handy on the trailer. We did not experience any banging of the sail against the sprit yet as mentioned somewhere else. I  recomend it without having ever tested the gaff rig.

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