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I plan on moving my T38 from NM to the Arkansas river in Muskogee in a couple of weeks for assembly, then down the Arkansas to the Mississippi, probably through the Atchafalaya and into the gulf. The boat is not yet completely finished and I will need somewhere inexpensive (with power) to do the balance of the work. It might be a month to do the rigging and the few other things, though given the way building seems to work, probably longer.... And yes, I could stay in Muskogee as the marina I am using has everything, but winter is coming and I would prefer to be somewhere warmer than Oklahoma. 

Does anybody have recommendations for somewhere to park for a while and work? On the hard might be easier though probably not a requirement. 

And on a similar vein, has anyone gone down the lower Mississippi in recent years? I have been told that the lower reaches are no fun given the volume of ship traffic but to go down through New Orleans sounds like fun. 



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