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A friend came over and suggested I go to passageweather.com and see the nice weather forecasting that is available for free on the oceans of the world. It is easy to use even for me. Looks like safer passage making in our good boats will be more likely with this information. Safe voyaging - Ann and Nev

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Passagweather.com is very helpful. If you like that you might want to have a look at two FREE programs that will download and display Wx GRIB files for any region of the planet you select if you have a PC and an internet connection.

Ugrib: http://www.grib.us/
ViewFax: http://www.siriuscyber.net/wxfax/

I have been using 'Ugrib' for a year or so to get 7 day projections with 0.5 degree and 3 hour resolution. I just started using ViewFax: (beta version) and it adds a lot of good stuff on top of GRIB files like weatherFax and Satellite images and more.

A good place to get an overview of the free Wx programs is at an AWESOME cruising website: www.bethandevans.com

For free Wx programs info specifically: ( http://www.bethandevans.com/weather.htm#77. )

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