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Hi everyone

It's taken me two years but I'm finally nearing completion of a book about my early sailing adventures.

It was the experiences I gained during the times I write about in the book that eventually led to me building my Tiki 38 'Gleda' and sailing her to Portugal.

The book is provisionally titled 'A Foolish Voyage' and I'd really appreciate it if you would help me out before I publish it on Kindle.

If you hop over to my website HERE and leave me your name and Email, I'll send you a free eBook pre-publication copy. It should be ready to go next week so this offer is time limited.

All I ask in return is that you tell me what you think of it.



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Aloha Neal, name and email sent. :-)

Cheers, Allen

Hey there Neil,

Details sent off, look forward to reading it.



Thanks Neil, I've signed up.

All the best


Hi Neil

I too look forward to reading your book in due course.

Kind regards


Hi Neil, just received the download link to your book. Is it truly your mail? Asking in case it might be some malware place.

Hi Neil,

Thank you for the offer. I Iook forward to reading it in due course.



Good to hear you're close to publishing. I'd love to read it and offer a review. Have you had it edited by someone who isn't a friend? and had a few beta readers go through it? I'll be happy to share some indie publishing tips with you.


Thanks for the comments guys, sorry I took so long to reply. I've been crazy busy getting the book ready to launch.

Have a great holiday.

Cheers Bao, mnuch appreciated.

Hello Neil I would enjoy reviewing your book early sailing  adventures are always  thrilling action-packed miss adventures-I could swap you a few of my own. My old crew developed an e-book it's called last chance to be a cowboy and can be found on Amazon. I did some co-writing for the book and it was a great adventure trying to put the story on paper. My email address is jj82jj@me.com      wishing you Merry Christmas and best of luck on your book project.


Thanks John, sounds good, I'll be in touch.

The free offer is finished now, but the Kindle version will be available on Amazon at launch price of 99p/99cents until New Year, after that it'll be going up to something that might give me a small profit!

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone.


Didn't get the free book, so I pre-ordered it. I do hope you get enough from it for a pound of coffee to take with you when next you sail. I had dismal results with amazon and no longer publish there, sales that weren't credited, and money I never received, etc.

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