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Hi All, just joined up the forum, but like many others I have been following it for a while, anyway to my question: I have started building a Hinemoa, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I only have room to build one hull at a time and I have now got the first hull set up with backbone and bulkheads in place, so far I have been using Bronze gripfast nails, but now I'm at the stage of fitting the stem and stern posts and the keel, now the plans say to screw these parts in place, but my God, has anyone seen the price of bronze screws in the UK :)  So my question is can I use much cheaper stainless steel screws, they will all be buried under the epoxy and shething, if not can I use just glue and nails ?  Regards Barrie

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Yes,  you can use much cheaper stainless steel screws, or brass screws and remove and fully with epoxy mass.

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