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hi, folks

I have a little question here. After sniffing around I finally managed to find long enough 100mm alu tube for my Tiki, but still not long enough -- 6m is the longest one one may acquire in our NE corner of Europe...

So now I have a two options, shall I extend it with hollow hardwood or laminated soft wood...

... with one 1m piece on the foot section, 0,6m stays out and 0,4m inside the alu tube

... or shall I go for two pieces, say 0,3m on top (+0,3m inside, so it could take blind sheave, rigging cleats and mast crane) and 0,3m on foot with 0,3m inside?

Advantage of the first option seems to be that there will be only one joint, also from that on the mast could bend equally and undisturbed up to top.

Second option gives an opportunity to install needed accessories (sheave, cleats, crane etc) on the wood, so no much need for messing with aluminium.

So whats general opinion has to say on that point?



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I made my mast as you described with a 0.3m wooden top and bottom. I made the wooden parts from sections of the old mast. It has all worked fine. Bending is not an issue. 

To make your parts round and to make a smaller diameter to insert into the tube I used this technique. I used threaded rod as the spindle, and a handheld electric drill on slow speed to turn the spindle while I operated the router. I used hot melt glue to fix the wood into the tube. I used a hot air gun to heat it. This way you can release it if you need. 3 season so far all ok. Good luck.

Hi Ian, thanks for response. Clever system for rounding the wood :)

How long were the wooden parts inserted into the tube - also 0,3m?

Yes about 30mm

agur paesüld said:

Hi Ian, thanks for response. Clever system for rounding the wood :)

How long were the wooden parts inserted into the tube - also 0,3m?

Hi . I made my mast out of 2 pcs  of alum. with solid wood top and bottom. Seems to work well. I have noticed that the design for the foot of the mast tends to have problems over time if made from wood as this is a high stress area. Were the mast slot sits on the wooden slot on the beam (mast step)  if this is a tight fit any sideways movement when raising or lowering the mast could crack the wood. If you save a pcs. of the aluminium mast section perhaps 8" or so and screw this round sec. around the bottom of the mast it could provide extra stength.  Also if you drill holes for water to escape from inside the mast just above the wooden foot this may help stop rot  inside the mast.  Cheers good luck ....Pat.    I would use the best quality wood you can find as once it is inserted you wont have an opportunity to inspect it again. I used a hard wood called Takien 

Hi Patrick, thanks for extra advice!

Hi agur! 

We had exatly the same situation. See the process here:




Hi Pius,

Thanks for the hint!

Those are well documented cases.. really helpful...


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