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Anyone have any experience with keel stubs or other foils? I spotted some under Cooking Fat in a photo, but don't know anything about them, or if others have tried.

Any experiences to share? Shape, size, change in upwind performance? 

Getting ready to take our Tiki on a 750-mile race from Washington to Alaska, much of which is upwind!

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Quick update: I've asked both Hanneke & Richard Woods about keel stubs. Some difference in opinions there.

Hanneke: "I think the best solution would be small streamlined keels like on the Mana or the Tiki 30. You can see the keel shape of the Mana on our website in the piece about the Mana design. You will have to attach them well, normally the keel is part of a backbone that carries on inside the hull. If you build such a keel you can also deepen the skeg and rudder, which may also improve windward sailing.

When I am back home in June, I can send you some drawings of such a keel, but if you keep to the same position and proportions of the Mana keels, you should be OK."

Richard Woods suggested that these wouldn't be big enough to be worth adding, and that if we were going to the trouble of adding them we should make larger ones that would work better. He also suggested that we could try better rudders, turning it more into a Hobie 16 style boat.

Not sure I'll have time to make either of these mods before the race, but if I do I'll post an update here. Thanks everyone for the input!


Your should start a blog so that we can all follow your progress, both on your race boat and the race :-)



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